Ergo it’s hopeless and the team

By: Java

Can’t be looking good. Btw that’s the way business works. You know someone. Something happens. They recommend someone else. Example: We are supposed to buy a bottled water guy in the ie. But he’s turning into a clown. So now I have 3,000 blank bottles I’m stuck with. I say Pete. You a hole. Now that I’m not buying you What am I going to do with all these bottles?. Pete put me in touch with the lady and Corona who runs a company down there who is now buying the bottles. She and I start talking and I complain about what a clown Pete is. She says if you were serious about buying a company then forget about Pete and make us an offer for our company. Now we are in discussions. I didn’t know her from Adam and here we are. And it’s really not that remarkable a story. That’s how life works. I guess I’m a clown and stupid because I didn’t alrqdy know her in my Rolodex. But alas I’m not. I don’t care and if I buy her no one will care how or why. No one cares if clay knew someone before or not. Kk worked for him. GH now works for him and ultimately if he’s good clay stays employed. If not clay is a clown. People who want to set it up for him to lose both ways are double headed dildos. They want to play the heads I win tails you lose game. Intellectual dishonesty
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