I moved out of Kalifornia

By: TheLegendOfAugustWest

Because Texas aligns with my personal and political beliefs. I don’t work wastewater, that’s PoohBah, he stands in shit for a living. LOL. Naw, seriously, golf business was great in the 80s and 90s. But the box stores ate up all the little guys. The club pro is no longer a good player/club builder/teacher, but rather a number cruncher. It’s one of those bygone era type things. Like a tool and die mechanic. It’s sad really, what was a really cool and fun business became a drag with super long hours very low margins. But its all I ever did. I went and got a City gig for another retirement, not the pay! LOL! Even in a fiscally conservative state like Texas, you can’t image the waste and incompetence. Microcosm of the Federal gubment.
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