Politicians may come and go

By: Old Hickory Trojan

but they are all the same in California ( most of those from Cali in DC are nut cases)and California is on a downward trajectory and if you don't recognize it  you have not been paying attention...as far as Tennessee you act like a small population is a bad thing...I like it and hope we don't see anymore folks move here...too many in the major cities and toursits haunts as it is already...but I don't pay state taxes, could buy a home on a lake for cheap if that were my thing but it's not I have 55 acres of woods and fields with running stream throughout and springs in a number of sections...I have a very nice home and don't have the state taking away my personal freedoms or infringing on my property rights and as an example I have a very nice 2017 Winnebago motorhome that costs me $90 a year to register whereas folks in our Motorcoach club that have the same model and live in California are paying over $1500 a year....just one example of how screwed the state is...and lets not forget all the money wasted on illegals at the expense of water reservoirs and proper fire hazard prevention...and of course the homelss and drug addict problems ...what a waste of what used t be a beautiful state until the lib's took over managing it...and business'es are leaving. with the possible exception of Sllicon valley.....

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