No. USC didn't know. That's the problem.

By: Dr. Spock

The students were admitted based on the lie they were potential athletes (a fraud) and coaches and an assistant AD took bribes to let them in (felonies).  They did this while conspiring with the head of the non-profit (who has already flipped) and they used US Mail and Emails to further the conspiracy, which gets the electronic mail fraud charge.  They could also be charged by the state of California with bribery. 

If they fought the case, I would assume their defense would be that that USC knew about the special arrangement and there was no fraud.  However, the assistant AD pled guilty today and I'm sure she has agreed to testify against the coaches if they try to go to trial.

What's odd is that probably none of this violates NCAA rules.  The students never played for the teams or even practiced with them.

It's also interesting that most of the allegations surround women's sports.  I don't think that's a coincidence.

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