Truth and Logic are not relevant in today's (rvs)

By: PasadenaTrojan

World.  What matter is what media tells you matters.  How else could a 1st term senator with background as a community organizer/"agitator" become President. We were told he was prepared and ready.  But a guy who has built a real estate empire, wrote multiple best selling books, has testified to Congress as an expert witness regarding Business issues, created a hit TV show that ran for over a decade is not prepared or experienced  enough to do the job. geezuz.  We are smarter than this. I truly pray we are.


PS when you have time. Research how Obummer won his senate seat.  basically at last minute he disputed signatures (name/signature/address) and many of his opponents were disqualified. I think he ran unopposed on his side until he ran against incumbent. Then they leaked sealed private and damaging divorce records to Chicago Sun Times and he beat that guy. Its the Chicago Way as they say.... 

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