Your comment is exact.

By: allbruin

    Private school, yes, but they do belong to the NCAA, & are expected to live with the boundries that are set for them as they are for all others.  There is also the little thing of giving all who chose the school the EQUAL OPORTUNITY based on their true indivitdual abilities, such as being able to spell their name, write it, tie their shoes etc. 

    As you state San Clam they are PRIVATE, and apparently according to how you apparently view it, are above the law. IF the NCAA and other universities don't like it, they can go whistle for it.  Your pompus attitude fits the school.   I am in complete disagreement with you, and I hope that what ever penalties and fines U (UP) S (SHIT) C (CREEK) gets leveled with they are over the top, and unfair.  The penalties then would be in stride with the shit schools disregard for what is right.

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