So Helton signs a kicker from

By: Conquest2000

Austrailia.  Never played American Football.  Just Austrailian Rules Football.  He arrives on Campus and sucks ass.  Is that fraud?  Should Helton be fired?

UCF is notorious for signing place kickers from the Isreali Junior National Soccer Team.   They have signed like 8 or 9 over the last 10 years, I work with one of them, who kicked for UCF.  The majority of the kids sign scholarships to play football spend their fall semester at UCF but then spend the winter and summer in grad school at the University of Florida in Gainesville because they have a graduate biz school.

Hypothetically you have a son, your wife is Jewish, your child has birthright citizen ship to Isreal.  You get send him to Isreal to play soccer he makes it onto this track.  Are you guilty of fraud for signing a scholarship to play football at UCF but attend classes at the University of Florida?  Is Isreal to blame for offering birthright citizenship?  Are you being fraudulant because you circumvented the system to get your child a free ride or are you doing everything in your power to hlep your child succeed?

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