By: Conquest2000

jesus christ.  Equal Rights of the Invidual sure but those same equal individuals build the institutions that create the inequality, and false markets that spawn the corruption.   

i am sure your kids never benefited from any wealth or status  Did they go to a private school?  why not just throw htem into the meat grinder that is public education..lololololol   let them compete on level footing with other kids. 

Also you think the old white pricks who founded this country gave a shit about some rube living in Upstate New York or some poor towny in the North End of Boston?  Fuck no.  they just didn't want pay taxes on tea and didn't want British concripts living in their homes as they fought the indians and the french.  They were not idealists or good parents either.  Jefferson cheated on his wife and fucked his teenage slave.  Real stand up guy I am sure he was a regular Ward Cleaver.

This BS story boils down to a simple principle.  All politics is local which means its starts in the bedroom and reverberates out.  You do what you have to keep the home life happy legally or otherwise.  You protect your own, fuck the other guy, because you have make eye contact with your own everyday, you see the other guy maybe never.  So if that means exerting pressure to get what you want, so be it.  Talent, hardwork are only success stories if there a whole chapter about luck OR the oppurtunity.  Two kids born one in the Ozarks the other on 5th Ave, who do you think has a better chance of success?  If you think people get places because of talent, merit and hardwork explain the last 4 presidents of the united states.  

Clinton, A poor white hick from Arkansas who used the remenants of Jim Crow to get out of the slums, just because he was white.

W - was a bush he fucking traded Sammy Sosa, crashed multiple oil companies, was a fiscal conservative who gave us a Rx medical bill that gave us more socialized medicine and inflated the budget, and then started Homeland secuirty.   All real conservative values there.

Obama - need i go into this?  Affirmative action city

Trump - born crossing homeplate, bonespurs, poor academic record, bankrupted 3 casinos which is almost unfathomable, puts his unqualified children at the head of the his empire.  I mean is there a better definition of brat kids??  

So stop it with the only real americans get places on merit bullshit.  EVERYONE works the edges.  Rich Wasps, blacks, yellows, browns, EVERYONE.  if you ain't cheating you ain't trying.  Ever take an extra unwarrented deduction on your taxes?  


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