The only difference between

By: Old Hickory Trojan

accepting kids who "fixed" the system with payoffs and allowing at reduced costs and in same cases no cost illegals into a school that drops the admissions bar... one is a crime and the other is affirmative action for the subjective term diversity...IMHO....neither deserved to be admitted if their grades and merit excluding the cash and diversity claim didn't meet a fact if you want to carry it further...the same holds for allowing athletes to get in with a lower bar...the bar should never be adjusted...and the same goes for the Ivy league school that set different heights on the admission bar depending on race...where Asians had to be 10% higher SAT's then whites and so on....again IMHO the whole system is rigged when you set different requirements for individuals depending on such things as citizen vs non citizen, one race over another, rich versus Poor...etc etc...

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