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By: Old Hickory Trojan

on the charges ...lots of info and Swann's name is mentioned...lots of cash being shoved around as well...looks like the Assistant AD is hard wired guilty and she was pulling some big cash for her dealings..

Today at 1:27 AM
"I read the FBI affidavit on the story that broke today. Several takeaways:
  • The affidavit written by the FBI is about 200 pages and I would say 70-75% of the content involves USC.
  • There looks to be at least 6 former and current athletic department employees involved. Yovan had at least 2 staff members who were on the payroll of the mastermind of this whole thing (Rick Singer), plus the 4 USC people already identified in several news reports (Heinel, Vavic, Ali, and Janke). 
  • The other schools cited only had one individual as being involved in their athletic department's scandals.
  • Singer was directly paying the private tuition for Yovan's kids (Loyola?) Heinel was the senior administrator at USC and appears to be the internal ringleader. After a while Singer is paying her $20k month directly out of his bogus nonprofit foundation.
  • Mossimo (Laughlin's husband) tells Singer he will be seeing Swann at Augusta in 2 weeks and asks Singer if he should bring up daughter applying to USC (They ended up paying $500k to get both daughters in). Singer says don't discuss with Swann as Singer had talked to Swann a year earlier about Mossimo's older daughter and Swann said told Singer he thought they were good for a million plus. Is Swann really familiar with this guy to be having conversations like this? Does he know what this guy really does and how he operates? Was Swann thinking that "million plus" would be more of a straightforward donation? Not sure how to interpret this bit of information.
  • Singer had people on the take inside the SAT/ACT process. He would sell the parents on rigging their SAT/ACT scores and "the side door process" which was getting them accepted through athletics since hurdles are different. Singer would work with most of the parents to try and hide the scheme from the kids. Not all kids knew what was being done.
  • Heinel was involved in taking the fake athlete profiles to the subcommitee for athletic admissions approval. Ali and Janke helped by creating the details of the fake profiles, this was even after both of them were no longer employed by USC. 
  • Fake athlete files were created on the following sports: rowing, volleyball, pole vaulting, water polo and even football. Some of these kids were claimed to have excelled at sports that their high school didn't even provide!
  • What doesn't make sense is how Heinel could push for all these kids to be accepted under the various sports and yet there is no validation/reconciliation with the related coaches (other than Yovan who was clearly in the know)?
  • Many red flags in the details: 1) Kids would be accepted through athletics and then not show up to athletic orientation but rather go to regular orientation and nobody really followed up on that? Once they showed up at regular orientation they were done with athletics 2) Cases of school advisors talking to kids about being accepted as an athlete per their file and the kids being confused since they might not have been aware of what their parents were doing to get them in. 3) Every kid Heinel gets in results in an upfront $50k contribution from parents to USC Women's Athletics - even if it was a male athlete she pushed through! She controlled the account where the money was deposited. Who is overseeing the bank account activity? How many other athletic department people have their own controlled bank accounts?"
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