Those hits happened under Wanda

By: Old Hickory Trojan

as well....and yet she was so bold as to fire one of the most popular deans at the schools whose oversight of the Marshall Business School made it one of the best in the nation for apparantly a bunch of trumped up charges...add those things up and both need to go immediately and if you read the article on the relationship of Caruso's family with one of the girls who got "in" by th family "donating" $500k to the school you might think Caruso should also be considered a target for removal along with his managing the BOT and embarassing the University with his oversight and outrageous behavior in the BOT meetings along with lying to it's members...and by the way in the transcripts from the charges their was discussion apparantly between Singer and Swann about $1M donations and acceptance into the university (smoking gun)

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