Oh please.

By: San Clemente

Loughlin's daughter is friends with one of the BOT member's kids and went on spring break together. 


So freaking what.


Loughlin and her kid cheated, and the spoiled brat should be expelled. If Aunt Becky broke the law, she should she should have due process .  


As far as USC goes.  Swan is responsible for what happens in his department.  He should be asked to resign. He never should have been hired in the first place, and this is a good excuse to remove him. 


As far as this latest attempt to conflate legacy admits with those that cheated is just bullshit.  Private schools can admit anyone they want, for any reason they want.  Don't like it, go to a public school. Personally I found most legacy kids boring when I went to college. 


What is TRULY EVIL and WRONG is ANY school basing admission on the amount of pigment in someone's skin, where their ancestors came from, or what trinket they pretend to worship.   This should be against the LAW.  


American schools including MINE should be in the business of educating American kids first.  But that's just my opinion. sc





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