totally agree

By: Conquest2000

If USC allows in whatever number of Affirmative Action student they need to, to satisfy the law to get federal funding for research, then they should have the right to let anyone attend.  I don't care if they cannot spell.  If the private sector conforms to ADA laws, other statutory mandated hiring practices and do not discriminate against the employees/students they have then they should be allowed to hire or in this case admit anyone they want.   If USC follows the letter of the law across the board and wants to admit a kid with straigh F's because he or she is so and so's kid so be it.  USC has that right.  That's why this is so fucked. 

Tax Evasion and misuse of a charity aside and quite frankly I don't see how you have a RICO case if all the parties are not working in concert together, but thats another topic entirely.  A private university so long as they don't break Federal or State hiring laws should be allowed to admit ANYONE THEY WANT. 

For all the talk about merit and whats right we are just trouncing over the freedom to do what you want as a private individual or in this case a private institution as long as it is legal.  And I will argue all day that giving someone money to get into school is a bribe.  if thats the case, a scholarship to play sports in college is a bribe, so is any donation to a university.  It is funny to hear a lot of neocon/libetarians on this board all of a sudden crying for justice and mandating big brother come in and make things right.  That point got lost in my demonizing rich people diatribe yesterday.

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