Who cares about her vote of confidence

By: Old Hickory Trojan

she's nothng more then a temp whose judgement of character fails under the Dean Ellis tribunal her and Caruso held  and witheld facts from the rest of the BOT....and we all know Caruso knows the family of one of the wrongdoers kids ...so much for his ethical conduct...her vote a confidence means nothing unless the corrupt leadership of the BOT apppoints this diversity hire to be Caruso's puppet...that would pretty much lock up any chance of USC being viewed any other way then its currently viewed as a corrupt University in the eyes of the general public...

and as far as the victim of circumstances ....thats a bunch of BS...too many folks involved for others not to know and if the story about Swann and Sink is ture it's obvious it was a way to somply increase athletic department donations...IMHO

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