Seattle is a Bobo city. Has been for years.

By: Waldorf

A lot like Portland.  Sadly, kinda like Minneapolis, but Mpls isn't as bad. 

The worst Bobo city is San Francisco, but it looks like Seattle is giving it a run for its money. 

Los Angeles would be a Bobo paradise if it weren't so polarized between the rich and poor, not to mention the huge number of uber-wealthy and the resulting extravagance.  

Bobos can exist anywhere and often do, but in terms of concentration most of the cities most heavily populated by Bobos are in the West, which makes sense because of the weather.  Bobos tend to be do-gooders, and most Western do-gooders are soft because they don't have to put up with extreme elements as much, not to mention high-density urban concentrations.  Thus, their do-gooder politics tend to work out well for them in theory because they can feel good about themselves without getting shit on.  They can enact laws that won't affect them because they often don't have to mingle with the unwashed or share many common experiences.  

Bobos are as relevant today as they were twenty years, when writer David Brooks coined the term, but we don't hear about them as much because they've been replaced by "Hipsters" in the urban scene.  

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