Nope. Not really.

By: Waldorf

You've probably never even been here, have you?

A lot of people shit their pants when the Hmong moved here as well, years ago, and now nobody even cares.  People who are displaced always have an element within their population who have trouble assimilating, and of course there's going to a criminal element.  How is that any different from immigrants from Eastern Europe or Latin America? Hint: it's not.  And it wasn't any different in the last half of the 19th century in America.

I work with a number of Somali immigrants in Minneapolis, and I see quite a few at the cigar store.  Most of them are hard-working, friendly people who are happy as clams to not be in Somalia, and the ones who aren't, well, so fucking what?  Some of them are trouble-makers, but they aren't any different than any other subset of America who have to make a decision about whether or not they want to work hard to get anywhere.  If they don't, fuck them.  They can have fun in prison.

Don't believe everything you read on this matter.  Most of it is bullshit written by chickenshits who wet their pants at the sight of anyone who isn't white. 

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