Yes I have been there

By: Old Hickory Trojan

a few times....not a the recreation areas outside of the mosquitos are great but the city like most big cities suck...and no the Muslims are not the same as many immigrants...the assimulation is a lot tougher for them...and to tell you the truth if I look at statements of the folks they decided to put in Washington...I'd say they have a problem with not only assimilation, but buying into what this country is founded upon and the religious bigotry cannot be ignored...and I don't think that is a white thing either....and you can ignore statisitcs if you like but my biggest probelm outside of assimilation is the federal government deciding where they put immigrants for the sake of diversity and then how the Federal Govermnt has to subsidize them or offer incentives to companies to hire them over other workers...but I could say the same thinig for the illegals coming across the border...same bullshet without the culture gap...

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