Yeah, I know.

By: Waldorf

That was just me being a dick.  Sorry about the rant, but I really think you're falling into that trap that so many Americans do, especially white males (assuming you are), and that's expecting things in America to go YOUR way.  I don't really think you're a racist, so I apologize for that, but when you talk about big cities being shitholes, it doesn't help your argument.  Here's why.

The Twin Cities may not be your cup of tea, but it is continually in the Top 5 of just about every poll of the most liveable cities in America.  That takes into account a lot of things, including health care, affordability of homes, crime rate, education, entertainment, etc.

So, why then is Minneapolis a shithole?  Is it because there are 500 suspected Somali gang members?  C'mon, OHT, that's hardly the end of the world as we know it.  Is it because the Twin Cities is 40% non-white?  I can think of a lot of other American cities where that also holds true.  Is it the poverty rate?  Pretty low, overall.  So, what is it about cities that makes them shitholes?  I gotta be honest with you, when people say that type of thing they are almost always referring to some level of poverty and urban decay, and that almost always means people of color -- who are often the poorest.  And that leads to all kinds of assumptions, including dependence on welfare, inherent criminal dispostions, etc. etc.  

I get it that cities aren't for a lot of people, including you, but when you call Minneapolis "Muslim city", well, that's just dumb.  It may be the largest concentration of Somalis outside of Somalia, but I'd hardly call 80,000 people (in the entire state) some sort of "anti-American" epidemic.  Truth be told, and I live here so don't discredit this, the vast majority of Somalis are happy to be here and happy to comply with the laws of this city, this state, and this land.  Yeah, many of them are on government assistance, but that is beginning to change; they haven't been here that long.  I look at the Hmong population and the progress they've made in Minnesota in the past 30 years as an indication of what the Somali community might achieve -- not necessary a model community but one that has has integrated itself into the fabric of America with some success, just as any other immigrant group has done for many, many decades.

And if you're talking about religion, don't forget that there have been many other religious groups who have been persecuted in this nation since it's inception, and that includes Catholics and Jews, and that isn't really a thing of the past.  So, if you want to use the Bill of Rights as a document that seeks to set the truth free, remember that freedom of religion is at the top.  You may not agree with that religion, but a lot of people thought, and still do, that Catholics and Jews shouldn't get a job in America.  Unless you belong to some sort of Freeman movement, which I'm guessing you don't, that line of thinking doesn't really fly in America anymore. 

Yeah, I'm sure you're probably referring to very outspoken anti-American rhetoric by Muslims, including some in Congress.  Keep in mind that the squeaky wheels get the grease, and since when did politicians ever really speak for every one of their constituents? 

I'm not suggesting you embrace the Somalis.  I don't.  But I'm not going to be afraid of them either.  Those who do commit crimes will be discovered and punished, same as everyone else.  Remember, I live here.  I don't see a threat to my way of life because of immigration.  You know history, go back and look at how people were reacting in America in 1880 to the flood of immigrants to New York.  Read some of the editorials.  Read some of the abuses.  It'll open your eyes. 

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