Well first of all

By: Old Hickory Trojan

I'm hardly a racist as you were kind enough to say something to that effect We have adopted childern in our family that are black.....and I never said it was a shithole ...what I said is IMHO all big cities suck...and my rationale happens to be that I don't particularly like congestion, concrete, inner city school systems and all the other trappings that most big cities have. 

As far as freedom of religion I based my point on the raving of your elected representative by the people of your state in Washington who obviously hates jews. Sorry but anyone that voted for that kind of thinking has to have a certain affinity for it..otherwise they wouldn't have been elected...and as a half ass Catholic I do know a little about this kind of stuff even though I removed myself from any relationship with the Catholic church and it's corruption..and as far as fear of the Somali's no chance....I'm more concerned with a few Muslim training camps in Tennesse (not Mosques) then what the hell is going on in Minnesota

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