Slovis had a great day because he

By: Old Hickory Trojan

managed the team and I read had some TD throw whie going mostly with the seond team...was that reported incorrectly?....I mistakenly read a post calling it JT on the Drake Interception and was corrected but JT also thew a you have a clue on the numbers each of these guys are putting up by which squad they are playing on and which defensive squad they are putting their numbers up against...I sure don't other then what the writers are posting and observations by other in attendance.....perhap if we had those any argument would go away on who is doing what and how well...according to one writer JT is not runing the team at the speed Harrell likes but Fink unless we know any of that kind of stuff how does one judge how each QB is fact one person actually posted that unless we see each guy in "real" game conditions we know nothing about any of them....since some guys are gamers and some practice players....I do kinda buy into that but then again if you read or listem to Weber JT has this thing wrapped up with his main point being he has experience over the others....personally I don't like that. By the way I don't pa for premium stuff so perhaps those guru's have a different take...I know this however without numbers it's all just opinions and Dan Weber is a JT fan regardless of how he does in actual practice avoiding talking about his bad days othe then he was playig with the second string kinda crap and when he does well talking for minutes about some interviews he won't even call the other guys by their names...I find that irritating. Shotgun Spaulding is another JT fan although he does say Sears is a gamer and inthe kind of practices they are holding does not work to Sears best abiity and he does like Slovis but says he is a frosh and should redshirt...

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