I take it you don't consider

By: Old Hickory Trojan

which offensive line and backs and receivers each QB is dealing with when you read your assessments...like today where Damiels played with the first team and Sears the second team...as I pointed out when I posted Slovis had a good day the other day...he was paying with the second team as I understood it...that makes a hellva lot of difference in how a QB is doing ...just like I read earlier in the week how JT struggled playing wih the second team...and.....

thats why I posted knowing the numbers on each QB with the squad they performed with and against is the only real way to decide who had a better practice from a readers standpoint...so far today I've got one read where Daniels had an outstanding day and another read that said outside of the interception Sears had a great day and another that said Fink had a great day and Slovis showed more then an incoming freshman...so based upon those reports did they all have a great day? I find the reporting inconsistent and biased with no attempt to provide real data to the reader and yet I have a slant but the writers don't....hahahaha...listen to Weber if you want slant..

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