Look again

By: Old Hickory Trojan

I posted a quote I had read on another site that said JT threw the interception...and threw off his back foot. That post was corrected later and as pointed out here I responded with a correction. I don't give a shet wh gets the call at QB as long as Helton doesn't make the decision. Harrell is the guy I want to see make the decision as it is his offense the QB has to perform in.....and in case you nissed it most writers say th QB competition is close but most think JT gets the spot...of course fan boys like Weber have JT as a lock and doesn't mention the other two QB's by even name most of the time...which is rediculous if they are that tight in the competition...as I also posted yesterday, you would think one of these writers would post the QB's numbers so far including which squad they got them on and which squads defense they were playing against. You have to look hard to find that information and I stil have not seen it...I know Slovis went 8-18 the day I said he had an excellent day and the ratioale I used was he was playing for the second team which sucks..I read JT last week struggled when he played on the second team...I read yesterday that Sears interception was hen he played on the second team and JT played onthe first team...unless someone has those breakdowns no one really knows shet about how these guys are doiing and I don't give a shet how they do on the 7vs 7 or one on ones...just the 11vs 11 and. which squads have any meaning to me...so no I don''t have a favorite but I question who is going to make the call and will it be made on performance in scrimmages or somewhere else..

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