Not true at all

By: Java

Severakl CIF teams have done very well here.  In basketball, baseball etc.  Shaquan Aaron of USC grew up here.  Slomon Bates of USC (P) grew up here.  So did brother RJ and star UCLA softball play BB.  


Remember this.  Petros is 100% accurate.  The poplation of the ENTIRE HD is that of Anaheim.  Or Long Beach.  


So.  Can you name great athletes from Anaheim?  How about Long Beach?  Wait, remember this.  The HD also has only had this population for the last 10-20 years.


For the population area it is and how young the area it is, Petros is right.  It's a hugh producer of talent in all sports.  No, you don't necessarily see the #1 recruit in the counrty and all that.  But that's like isolating San Bernardino as a city and asking why they don't produce that much.


If you include the antelope valley, they've had some top talent there come to USC and other places.  Paul george comes to mind as a top talent from there.  



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