LOL I am kidding

By: Java

I don't hire scary looking people though the best vehicle mechanic I ever had lasted about a year.  Was a guy who had been in prison.  Had White Supremacist tats all over his face.  Was determined to get his life together.  His wife wa a stunning hot nurse.  Incredible looking.  Had a daughter together.  She waited for him to get out and gave him another shot.  He worked for us.  Was so diligent, do on top of things.  So edgy   I thought he was still tweaking.  But nope.  Clean.  Did SO well that he kept getting more abitious.  Took on bigger jobs.  His friends started noticing. Relatives.  Left us as I knew he would for a job in Long Beach.  Long Cmmute but $27 an hour.  Construction I think.  My guys saw him about 8 months later in town here.  Apparently he was all strung out.  Had lost weight.  Clearly was using again and I heard his wife left him.  Sad story.  I had felt so proud to have helped him get his life together.  I think he got it all back too soon and was so ambitious  it got out of hand and he fell back into some bad friends and habits.  

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