Aha, here's the issue there

By: Java

1) They are much older population bases and 2) You can't count either poly or servite because you can ONLY count the kids who are from Anaheim, not ones who came from Buena Park or Orange or anywhere else to go to Servite.  See?    We are comparing populations here.


Poly same.  90% of kids who starred at Poly came from other towns. 


That's what I am saying.  Petros is right.  This area has a lot of players being produced given its size AND the fact it's really only 20 years old.  Beach has been around 100 years producing athletes.  Wanna Cite Billy Jean Mofet and Randy and then the Gwynns?  Great.  At the time they played, the entire High Deser had 20,000 people.  Totally different comparions there.  

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