Two Things.

By: San Clemente

One, this shows you how relevant and worthless the SAT actually is in life. 


Two, it shows what a joke of even a Harvard degree is for the so called "student athlete". 


This guy made a paltry (look it up) 10 grand to take the SAT for spoiled brat teenagers.  Are you kidding me? 10K? That's it?  That's what this so called "academic genius" is doing with his Harvard degree?  


This guy isn't working in finance, for a hedge fund etc?  He isn't an entrepreneur?  He isn't making solar panels more efficient or coming out with a new safer longer lasting lithium battery?  Nothing, zero , zip bupkis. 


HE'S TAKING TESTS FOR SPOILED BRAT TEENS BECAUSE THAT'S ALL HE'S GOOD AT.  I'ts a worthless skill that means NOTHING and translates NOTHING about success in life. 


Yet the leaders at USC worship the SAT almost as much as they worship foreigners and their money. sc

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