I’d have to agree. First hand experience.

By: Java

3rd son is a genius. Meticulous. Accurate. Never wrong. EVER. Unlike his dad who shoots off his mouth son always thinks. And uses few words. Total accountant. As said. Super accurate. But crosses his t. Dots his I. The sat and act grade you on speed. How fast you answer. All about volume. So he takes the act. Gets a 29-30. Whatever. We look and sure enough. 40 questions on a section. Only gets to say. 30 of them. Gets every single one of them right. I’m like dude. That’s great. But we need to hustle this up He works. Studies. Practices test taking Still doesn’t speed up enough. Now he’s got 40 questions and getting to 35 Getting about 34 right. Ups his score to 31-32. Good score but not indicative of his stellar academic and athletic resume Keeps him out of Ivy League. He gets to northeastern and declares “dad. These kids are stupid. How did they get in here?” So. Bottom line. The kid is detailed. Makes sure every answer he gives is accurate. Doctors and woodworkers and construction guys all have the same motto. Measure twice. Cut once. Or maybe it’s cut once measure twice. You have time to do your job right. So do I. Doing a proposal. Having a sales meeting. But only In the act or sat is speed an issue. It’s idiotic. The most important thing is being competent. Doing what’s expected of you. And when. It’s like saying you have 30 seconds to knock this patient out or I have 30 seconds to do this proposal. Just doesn’t happen like that often. And I’m this case anyone who looks could see the kids for 99% of questions right. But on these tests not answering a question costs you. On the act it’s like getting one wrong Frustrating So yeah. Had o hired this Harvard kid for 10k my kid could have gotten into any school in the country and done just fine being there. Because he thinks all the kids at northeastern. A good school. Are slackers shrug
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