"I didn't see what Clay said."

By: San Clemente

sums up Hugs' head coaching career.  Hugs wants a power running team, so he sees a power running team. Wash , rinse, repeat.  


Thanks for posting the video.  No surprise Sears won the spring competition.  But competition hasn't mattered at USC since Carroll gifted the starting job to Barney Barkley before he ever waddled onto SC's campus. CnD is just one in a long line of quarterbacks that got worse under Hugs.


Barney got worse.


Wittek got worse.


Kessler got worse.


Browne had his career and future destroyed.  He was of course had the longest exposure to Hug's genius. 


Darnold got worse. 


CnD got worse. 


Anyone detect a pattern?  


If I was Jack Sears I would stay the hell away from fat boy Hugs.  Slovis should demand that Kurt Warner be present for all Hugs exposures.   sc



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