USC sites sound like this board

By: Old Hickory Trojan

when it comes to JT Daniels.....they are either big fans of JT and even when he is not doing too great write or talk about him like he's finer then sliced bread and on the other side we have writers that don't appear to be fans and point out when the other QB's in their opinion have better days in practice...

yesterday I read a writeup where the writer said none of the QB's had sepearated themselves in the last practice and a poster wrote that was not true that Sears had a day better then the rest by showing mobility and tossing four TD' which the writer responded that he didn't mean yesterdays practice ( even though that was what his column was about) but was talking about the whole spring when he made that comment.

Then of course you have all the noise lately about Harrell not getting to pick the starter even though he was told it was his job and then told that Helton would pick the starter...some writers argue as HC it's his job while others argue he relinquished that when he said he turned the whole offense over to I said sounds like this fact many were surprised when they were told about the positives and negatives on each QB by Harrell when he mentioned JT slowed the offense down by over thinking each fact some got even defensive...obviously we all have our favorite including the writers who are supposed to just report...that sounds familiar as well..

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