$1,000 - $3,000 per hour

By: considerthis

Assuming with travel time of 7 hours, this guy was making $1,000 an hour.  Since he could be sleeping, eating, watching vides etc. during much of that travel time, the relevant hourly compensation is even greater.  Just figuring actual test taking time, his hourly compensation is $3,000+.  Assuming 40 hours/weekly and 50 weeks of work per year, his effective annual earnings would be 2 to 6 million a year.  As a bonus, he likley is reporting very little, if any of the test taking income.  Downside: short career since he cannot pass as a youngster for very long (like a pro athlete), getting caught by law enforcement, including IRS, no contributions made toward Social Security, prison rape, losing an easy teaching gig (apparently worked at tennis academy teaching future tennis stars.)

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