You also hated his staring down his

By: Old Hickory Trojan

receivers and his throwing off his back foot if  remember correctly...but I don't see how anyone can fault him for those kind of fundamental mistakes without anyone coaching him or tha offensive biggest concern about the guy is his lack of mobility with an offensive line that doesn't protect him the way he was used to, his slowness in being able to make a quick decision and throw the ball and his lack of leadership which was excused last year because he was a frosh and he said didn't think it was his place to be a leader...perhaps all of those things can be fixed by Harrell...we will find out apparently in games because everytime they practice hard with ones versus ones he seems to struggle a bit...and until he gets hit we do't know if he will rise up above it or impression from last year was getting hit impacted his game tremendously..

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