The thing about all these transfers..

By: Contrarian

The about all these transfers..Wole and Trevon to Illinois and now Velus Jones to Tennessee, is that ex USC coaches/staff members were recently hired by both of these schools.   While a player can enter the portal and be recruited by anyone.  A coach cannot leave one program and bring players from that program to his new school.  That is still against NCAA rules.

Speculation especially in the case of Velus, is that is why he is taking his time to transfer to Tennessee.  Everyone has known for months that he's going to go there, but if he made it too obvious that he couldn't wait to get there, the NCAA could swoop in and prevent the transfer....although I doubt Clay would stand in the way of someone leaving.  He's the type of guy who lets everyone take advantage of him, so having ex coaches recruit players out from under him is to be expected.

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