Sam Gilbert the most misunderstood guy

By: John55

A lot of people say bad things about Sam Gilbert. They say he cheated. They say he lied. They say he gave money to recruits so they would go to UCLA. Some even go so far as to say he was friends with John Wooden. I’m here to set the record straight. Sam Gilbert was like a rich uncle in the classic sense. The Bruins were his nephews. He was there for some of the players. Did he want UCLA to win? Sure. But it was never his motivation. He just wanted to help like the Salvation Army. If a player was cold. He gave them a coat. If they didn’t have a place to eat, he invited them over for a feast. If a player didn’t have a car, he let them borrow one. He gave them advice on the business of basketball. He would laugh at the thought of Kansas paying thousands to Wilt. He had real relationships with some of the players. Did he break rules? Probably. But mostly he was a friend. There’s nothing wrong with that. In reality, he had no impact on UCLA wining a single game any more than a player who has a well off uncle. I hope this ends the Gilbert mud slinging now that you have a better picture of how it was.
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