Fact is if USC could afford Urban

By: BruinEngineer

They would have been able to bring back Pete Carroll.  Pete makes $8M/yr, Urban makes $7.6M, if that was their price range we would have heard some  rumblings about going after Pete since he left, we haven't heard anything.  At best USC will enquire about Urban only to find the price tag is too high.


If USC could afford Urban, they could have parked a Brinks truck in Chris Petersen's driveway. Jimbo Fisher was on the market last offseason,  USC  could have went after him.  USC could have fired Helton this year and made Kingsbury the head coach if they were not penny pinching.

I have seen no indication other than being able to keep Pete around for an extended period (likely underpaid) that USC wants to pay for a big boy coach.

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