Hey Spock don’t ever call out Waldorf again

By: John55

Do you hear me? Waldorf isn’t allowed to point out the hypocrisy of USC posters? You want to get someone in line? Get you boy Dena in line. He went on and on about Aikman and nobody responded. Finally, I responded with stats (or what you call idiocy). Did I light him up? Yes. So what? He had it coming. He stood on the tracks too long and got run over. Not my problem bro. As far as Red Badgro goes, Old Hick is the one who brought him up. Blame that f’in guy. BE posts something he found on Reddit and you call him a liar. What the hell is wrong with you? If USC posters want to talk crap, fine. But don’t get your panties in a bunch when Bruin posters respond. Dena is an idiot and you are one of his biggest cheerleaders. “You destroyed him Dena! Yay!” Get out here with that BS. Get him in line or shut the hell up. Waldorf isn’t going to defend him bro. Don’t ever come at him like that. Ever.
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