UW still blocking immediate eligibility...

By: Waldorf

...for Yankoff, the former UW QB who tranferred to UCLA through the portal. 

The Pac 12 has their own rule that intraconference transfers have to sit out a year UNLESS the program a player is transferring from grants a wavier.  UW did not grant the waiver because they're dicks.

UCLA can still appeal to the NCAA, but overturning cases like this are rare.  So, looks like Yankoff, who redshirted in '18, is going to lose a year of eligibility unless UW has a change of heart.  Fat chance of that happening.

Chris Petersen sucks balls.  He implied that QBs like Yankoff are taking the easy way out, yet UW will likely start a QB who transferred to UW through the portal.  What a two-faced motherfucker.  UCLA doesn't even play UW for two years (well, barring any conference title game).  What a pussy.  

Ideally Yankoff wouldn't be needed on the UCLA active roster in '19, since DTR and back-up QB Austin Burton both appear to be doing fairly well in camp.  But Yankoff would have possibly been a valuable back-up option if either DTR or Burton get injured, since Chase Griffin doesn't appear to be ready to step in and effectively run the offense.  Chip Kelly raved about Yankoff's quickness and ability to pick-up things quickly.

Hopefully Yankoff can be an invaluable resource in '19 as the scout team QB and then be ready to compete for the starting job in '20. 

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