Darnay Holmes tidbit

By: Waldorf

Maybe this is old news, but UCLA defensive back, who is just beginning what would normally be his (true) junior year, has already graduated.  He walked at the end of last spring quarter.  So, that means he earned his degree in less than three academic years.

I suppose it helped a lot coming into UCLA early, and then taking classes for two summer quarters.  But that's still pretty impressive.  And, yeah, maybe a degree in African American Studies isn't exactly a degree in chemical engineering, but I have checked out that curriculum, and it does involve reading a shit-ton (2.2. times larger than a shitload) of material and writing a lot of papers.  So he's no dummy.

And all of this from a five-star athlete who has, so far, been a very good player.  No wonder he's getting national pub.

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