Big problem - paying student athletes

By: up for real discussion

The new CA law allowing college athletes to receive payment for use of their name, image, likeness etc without causing the loss of eligibility for playing sports seems to have a major flaw besides what the NCAA thinks about it.

Payment based on a athlete's marketability means that an athelete will have a signiificant incentive to do things that will make he or she more visible in the media.  This could mean a punt or kick returner may decide to return a punt or kick in the hopes of making a highlight tape rather than call for a fair catch.  An defensive end may lose discipline going for a sack since the media value of a sack is much greater than holding an edge.  Receivers may go for a one-handed catch or slow down and make a catch look harder than it is - all in the name of trying to make a highlight reel.

Athletes may even do things before they reach college in order to increase their visibility.  Football does not need more showboating or actions intended to get more media attention.

One way to reduce this porblem would be to require that all of the revenue from the use of players' names etc. be divided equally among all of the players on the roster.  This would reduce the incentive for individual conduct and also lower teammates' animosity/envy of the more prominent players. 

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