sc plays in the weakest power 5 conference


in D1.  Not a single team in the p12 is elite.  Nor could a single p12 team beat an elite team.  You can call Wisconsin's chedule weak all you want, but look at what they've done to their opponents:

49-0 against USF

61-0 against CMU

35-14 against UM

24-15 against Northwestern

48-0 against Kent St

Wisconsin is doing what elite teams do against inferior competition...dominating.  Helton barely beat FSU, had a good win against a weak stanford team, lost to mediocre BYU, barely beat a medocre Utah, lost to a good (for the p12) but hardly great UW team, and is on the schedule for a blowiut loss to ND in South Bend next week.

Flip schedules and Wisconsin would still be undefeated while Helton would've surely dropped 2.  


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