he didn't pick tuberville

By: Conquest2000

Tuberville started in 2013.  As far as his time at Colorado, Hawkins wasn't successful but was good hire considering he was up and coming, he found Chris Petersen so the guy had an eye for talent and he replaced Barnett who was a good coach but was tampering with investigations into his program and then it surfaced they were running some discount meal scheme for athletes.  Barnett had to go, what is telling is that Barnett hasn't worked as a football coach since.  Which tells me he is radioactive and despite the good season Bohn had to shit can him.  in 2005 Barnett was 7-5 and played in the Big12 Championship game, they lost to Texas.  

Even though Hawkins was bad I still count that as a good hire.  Good hires can sometimes do not work out.  It's a 1000 times better hire than Haden or Swann has made.  Haden and Swann successful let our good coaches walk, our tennis coach, we had the most dominate tennis program in NCAA history and Haden let that guy walk over like $25K.  He hired enfield, enough said.  Enfield is the ying to helton's yang of being fucking pathetic. 

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