Sorry - not impressed...

By: LA Duck

And you shouldn't be impressed either with wins over:

SD St (3-5)

Fresno St (3-4)

GA Southern (5-3)

Purdue (2-6)

Illinois (4-4)

Nebraska (4-4)

Rutgers (2-6)

Maryland (3-5)

Wake me when they've beaten Penn St, Iowa or Wisconsin.

BTW I'm charmed you think I'm a big USC honk now.

I've just learned to generally play nice in someone else's backyard....even if I actually think their mom is a bit of a

You don't have to always be antagonistic to get your point across.

It actually helps to have some perspective and understanding, I've found.

Besides, I do believe a strong SC is good for the p12 overall in general. Of course, if that interferes directly with Oregon also becoming as strong as it can, then I'm going to side with my duckies of course.

Not sure you understand subtleties, TEE, so I understand if the concept is beyond your grasp.

Nonetheless as always, friend, Fight....errr Quack On!  :-)


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