Yep. Good post. Exactly right Grouchy.

By: Dr. Spock

Plaschke is a typical liberal douche sports writer.  He thinks he's important.  He acts as if Meyer was the guy who allegedly abused women. Plaschke then tries to cover himself in the outrage and victimhood of that alleged abuse and then acts self-righteous.  Covered in the alleged victim's pain, Bill Plaschke then flails about in alleged self-rightousness accusing all of us for this alleged crime because we celebrate Meyer.  Typical Holier Than Thou Liberal Sports Writer crappola. 

Nope. Meyer didn't beat the woman.  One of his coaches allegedly did it, not Urban Meyer.  Worst case scenario: Meyer decided to look away from the alleged abuse. Not a good look but that hardly makes him the abuser.

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