Whether you liked it or not and whether

By: Old Hickory Trojan

it was the right thng to do or not it was my understanding that he and his wife tried to aassist the couple with counciling and tried to get his assistant into re-hab for his violent temper. Somethime when you have a close firend you just don't recognize how bad the person is...until reality sets in...regardless he served his punishment, it hurt his reputation, left a job he loved and sure the hell did help him with his headaches and pain...but regardless of all that ....your positions seems like that of a Bruin with the thought of Urban Meyer at USC could bring on a heart attack or at least heart palputations since it didn't bother you when UCLA had a wife beather on its football staff a number of years ago or a drug pusher a few years ago or a guy that witnessed children being rped and did nothing about reporting it...amazing how you must have changed...

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