Just got home from the SC game.

By: Dr. Spock

Congrats to Oregon.  They are a very good team and a lot better than I thought they were.  Hope they win out and get into the playoffs.  Oregon is a much better team than Oregon.  The defense is very, very good.

Wow, what a crappy game.  Started off well and I was surprised how well the defense was playing and then Slovis just sh*t the bed.  4 turnovers by Slovis? Damn.

After that pick 6 the team just gave up.  And because we are a bad team with dumb coaches, we kickoff to their big returner with about 50 seconds left in the half?  How f*cking dumb was that. Most teams just squib kick those, but because we are coached by morons we give that guy a chance to take it to the house?  Dumb. 2nd half was a total abortion.  The players quit because they know the coaches suck and we weren't coming back. Lots of dumb penalties. 

The consensus of all the fans sitting around us was that Helton is done.  Time to move on.  He should have never been hired in the 1st place and he definitely should have been fired after last year's Ucla's game.  The problem is do you tell him he's done and have him coach out the rest of the season?  Do you fire him now and put an interim coach in charge?  I don't know but USC needs to lock up Meyer now and then break the bad news to Helton later.

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