I'm here to take all of your abuse, Trojans

By: LA Duck

Seriously, it's open season on us quacks for anything anit-Oregon, like:

- Oregon plays dirty

- Oregon recruits thugs

- We wish Justin Herbert had broken his knee (right, Java?), plus he's a pussy

- Mario doesn't know how to manage a game

- Your run game sucks

- The refs were biased against USC per Larry Scott's orders

- 1 more yard of offense than penalties in the 1st half (113 to 112)--what the hell is that?

- Mario stayed too long at the Coliseum after the game was over

- Our fans are ugly (I'll actually agree with that one)

- Any others that I missed?

You Dawgs feel like jumping in too, please do -- the more the merrier.  :-)

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