But she isn't USC. She's fresh,

By: San Clemente

and doesn't have the stink of the swamp on her.  She doesn't owe any favors.  No sc related skeletons in her closet.  She's a scientist by training and has shown herself to be practmatic. 


If there is one thing she learned from her time at North Carolina is the importance of a school's flashship team. 


NC is a state funded school,. At USC is the football team IS THE GLUE that binds all Trojans. The money donations have to be down.  Do you think she doesn't see all those empty seats or stock backing up in the bookstore? You think she hasn't heard from unhappy alumni every freaking day since she showed up.  


Why would the new AD take any chance when he has a GUARANTEED winner that wants the gig?  Would you?


USC is cheap.  Always has been.  Its why McKay left.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  If anything I would think this new president would see the error in those ways.  She's not an idiot.   sc

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