Victory Bell

By: Rodeoduck

You Angeles have a nicer trophy than we have in Oregon. Ours probably is a beaver skin hat filled with duck eggs (these are called "balut" ).

You have a Victory Bell.

After the Los Angeles rivalry game, the bell goes to the winner.

If this year the Trojans win, Clay Helton will ring that bright shiny Cardinal Bell. IMO he will be ringing it as next year's Trojan Head Coach. The Administration can avoid hiring Urban, which for reasons given in the attachment to the above post. They will breath a sigh of relief

But if the Bruins win, that little Blue Bell will go out of the Coliseum, and IMO Clay Helton will go with it. Your administration will then be facing the wrath of the Trojan faithful and will go ahead and hire Urban, even though for reasons given in the attachment to the above post they would rather not.

O what a wondrous place is Los Angeles, where if you win, you lose, if you lose, you win. Go figure.

The rest of the Pac (except UCLA types), is hoping you win the Bell and have to keep Helton.

At least you Angelions have better NBA basketball, both the Lakers and Clippers are better than the Trailblazers this year.

Meanwhile, in the relative quiet of the Oregon Civil War, the Duckies will defeat the Beavers.

Still a few weeks to go.


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