Personally I buy into what Thamel wrote

By: Old Hickory Trojan

especially the part about moving to LA. Beleive it or not living in Los Angeles turns a lot of folks off. He also wrote about the revenue sharing in the PAC and lousy administration that is so far behind the elite in football in revenue gathering.  Those ar big onbes and then you add taxs in California and lifestyle from what USC is willing to pay. 

Then you've got the other elements...

1.) Soiled reputation from the scandals 

2.) A BOT that couldn't hit its ass with both hands 

3.) The interference from the big wigs in everyint at the shool including the football program

4. USC Attitude where only the milliionair contrbutors ahve any worth 

5.) How much control that USC is really willing to turn over to the AD...not talk but reality..

6.) How much bank the AD wil have to sort through things

7.) How badly the Univerisity wants to compete for NC's

8.) USC's unwillingness to admit they have fallen and have to really work to regain their lost stature 

9.) Kinda repetitive...the PAC conference and the contracts they have as a member for a failing Cobnference leadership....the fact the presidents continue to support a sinking ship shows they are living in fantasy land...


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