No to Meyer but they want Franklin

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Foit is an idiot if thats where she stands....Franklin has more issues in his closet then Meyer but not the publicity unless you lived in Tennessee and saw what he was and did at Vandy...I consider trying to convince a rape victim of a football player to not press charges a lot worse then tellin an assistant coach and his wift to go to counciling to address their marital issues in cluding suspected battery.....but I guess at USC, more people were exposed to the publicity related to Meyers then related to Franklin so it's OK.....what a bunch of hypocrits and the leadership is no better then it was under Nikias and Austin and the BOT still sucks....I hope the boosters and student are up in arms about this bullshet if true on the direction Foit wants to take USC....I'll bet she's hoping Franklin can beat Ohio St so that the notoriety of that victory will sell him to the boosters and student body...

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