Will he be Troy''s Bum?

By: Rodeoduck

On this board, I have heard strong critics about:

John Wooden of UCLA: He was "looking the other way" when Sam Gilbert was cheating. He is considered a Bruin Bum.

Phil Knight of Oregon:Ducks are accused of "looking the other way" while he helps Oregon cheat. He is considered a Duck Bum.one poster indicated this is a moral fault among Ducks.

Urban Meyer of Ohio State: He was looking the other way when an assistant coach was beating his wife. Trojan posters said he should have called the police, not just report it to the Buckeye Athletic Director. Then he was considered a Buckeye Bum. Ohio Staters were obssessed with winning, ignoring morality.

I also have read that things are different with Trojsns. They are superior to Bruins, Ducks, and Buckeyes. They will not sacrifice morals for wining at all costs. This is simply not done at the University of Southern California, Trojans simply do not sacrifice morals for winning at all costs. Not like those heathen Bruins, Ducks, and Buckeyes!

Now temptation has entered the Garden of Eden at Troy. There is a chance that Urban Meyer, that old Buckeye serpent, may become the Trojan's next football coach.

Who will the SC administration listen to? The voice of temptation to hire the flawed Urban Meyer, or the voice of the righteous posters who are against the "Win at All Costs" views of Bruins, Ducks, and Buckeyes.

Actually, Troy already has a moral answer to this dilemma. A coach that stands for "Faith, Family, and Football" namely Helton.


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